A communications and Internet solutions company making people the solution, not the problem.

Discovery & Analysis

Fighter, Technician, Chef, there's not much Managing Director of TPIT, Chau Allen isn't invested in. His IT Communications and Marketing Venture TPIT expanded on his years of experience as an IT worker for contractor firms all over the East Midlands.

His idea was to unite everything he cared about with IT and un-boggle the mess that tech jargon and ego-boasting awards ultimately, were putting small businesses in.

The existing platform was completely counter-intuitive, for an IT company, it lacked the personality Chau wanted. Where were the services? How could we trust this? Why should we?

Wireframing the website.

Well, it needed just about everything. It was a splash page, it didn’t really tell you much about anything other than the name of the company.

- We needed to tell customers who TPIT was, why it was important for small businesses to use TPIT over their competitors (whom of which are considerably bigger), and build that relation and trust.

- We needed to introduce the team, a way to contact them through the website.

We needed to literally show what we offered customers, show off why we are experts in the field. (Reinforcing that trust)

- We needed to build the site on a platform that was easy for non-techies to edit and add content too. As their team was used to using Wordpress, I suggested to build the site with Semplice, a pay-to-use framework that runs within the Wordpress CMS that offers a lot of customisability for what it costs.