Logo folio

Dedicated to the loose, commissioned Logo design projects where the deadlines are short and with limited expandability, the outcomes are simply just to be something better than the original with potential long-term implications.


Refrag – A Tool designed to improve professional Counter-Strike players practicing regime, developed by former pro-gamer and tech entrepreneur Casey Foster.

The Logo features a low poly solider firing a bullet through ‘E’F and R, designed to be a stackable logo, used both vertically and horizontally, or separated from its typographically adjusted characters and used as just a Monogram 'R’.

The Vegan Pizza


A Small weekend pizzeria based in Nottingham dedicated to making Vegan friendly, Gluten free pizzas, sides and desserts. The ‘P’ hosts the Vietnamese flag, to pay homage to the origins of the owner and implying that whilst Pizza is Italian, this Vietnamese family is firmly putting their stamp on their work.

Featured in both a round and Horizontal settings for different applications across restaurant attire.

Granata London

A Long dreamt of idea of a Londoner with Italian heritage, to bring the shores of the Abruzzo region to his home city through his love for men’s clothing.

A traditionally Two-Letter Monogram that uses a burgundy pallet and a post-modern classically styled serif typeface for the wordmark.

There were a number of different explorations prior to the ‘GL’ monogram, the ‘horseshoe G’ for example was prominently and engrossed in retro, rustic, Italy. But the Name Granata London was not just a subsidiary, for James, the founder, he believed both were equally as important.

The Nuel

Through my work with DLC Studios, I had the pleasure of working on the logos for The Nuel’s 2019-2020 Magic: The Gathering and Rainbox6:Seige League Logo’s. The Nuel is a nationally recognised competitive circuit for Collegiate Esports with prize pools and regular broadcasting.

The Identities for both projects had very different connotations. With Magic, the identity needed to include references to the 5 major elemental fields as well as highlight it importance of 'going to battle'.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Six had a more militarised, policing identity. So there was a need to make the logo almost award-like, as if to say that those who complete here or win here are rewarded for their heroic act.

The colour clash of red and blue is symbolic with divide, rivalry and competition, so whilst we explored new pallets, closely linked with the game, the old school red and blue was the winner.


Race to World First

Through my work with DLC Studios, I had the pleasure of working on the logos for Redbull’s 2019-2020 Race to World First Broadcast. The Race to World First is a Speed-Run Event involving the completion of World Of Warcraft’s Raid Bosses. Taken place annually and involves 1000's of people globally, Method a team based in the UK have won it more times than any other team in the World.

Multiple variations and formats of the identity were drafted for versatility, however the purple and orange logo was the final cut, followed up with a bit of After Effects polish by the DLC and Redbull team’s.


We’ve got a mate in the trade, this is that mate. A home improvements and fittings company.

The idea was to create a home improvements company identity that looked nothing like what you would expect one to look like.

The Identity was created using sharp, equally sized geometry positioned like puzzle pieces to spell out ‘WEFIT’ – with the entire logo having freedom to move where it felt natural. Compact and stackable, the logo symbolised both the inter-locking of parts to assemble as well as a set of tiles when joined together.