A Skeletal is partially built design that meets basic criteria for a developer to code into functioning website. This shortens delivery time and cost, whilst maintaining a bespoke, individualistic feeling.

These projects have allowed me to experiment, anticipate and understand a diverse range of different business types, their needs and their customer expectations. These projects have also been completed either as pro-bono or as low cost solutions for my colleagues and their clients.

Hollies Little Bakery

A boutique bakery that provides bespoke special occasion baked goods, cakes as well as baking classes.

HLB had not been online prior to working with us, so we had to use ethnography to build a better understanding of HLB.

Through the interview of Hollie and her team we established they needed to explain their origin to customers – Establishing trust and Belonging in the community.

Show off their vast portfolio – Giving context to their work.

A functioning order form – Allowing microtransactions to occur with quickly with reduced risk of error.

A Contact form – Allowing for a more consultant experience in order bespoke products.

Finally, booking system for cooking classes.


A Esports Scrimmage App that allows users to sign up, create or join teams and find teams that compete at their level to practice against.

The project research for this steams back to 2013 where tools like this were not yet created. The objective was to remove biased practice behaviour from the community, make team management and provide data to coaches and analysis which would take months to write up.

By interviewing players, coaches, team owners and Event admins, we were able to put together a Make shift KANO Model to streamline to the process of developing a functional scrimmage tool for teams.

You’d simply sign up, add authentication, join or create a team, play some matches as a team and receive an ELO rating. This would be greatly increased by verifying your teams position in leagues allowing the app to match up teams of similar level to each other, rather than assuming the team you would practice against was of your level.


Surgo is a Esports performance consultancy Startup based in London, founded by Esports Commentator, amateur Boxer and Former Professional Gamer – Alex Byfield.

The Brand from conception was named after the latin phrase ‘Assurgo’ – to move in a upwards motion. We developed a web experience which Alex could use as a digital pitch deck to onboard investment, staff and teams.


& WuuHuu

These are wireframes from my time at GamersApparel where we have explored different visual groupings, taxonomy and future experience enhancing features that may benefit customers and store owners.

WuuHuu specifically is dedicated to posters, wall art and print accessories – thus the requirements are different. We effectively need WuuHuu to be gear more to just selling artwork in comparison to GamersApparel where a majority user focus is around store ownership and products.

We consistently measure our Web traffic on Gamers Apparel to better understand what motivates a user to buy anything Esports related. Our community discord group also provides a hub of activity where store owners can frequently voice their opinions and concerns with product, delivery and pricing.