Pitching an idea to One of the UK’s Largest Gaming Festivals

Discovery & Analysis

Whilst we were in lockdown, and events had been put off until 2021-2022, I made a decision to create a new identity system with complimentary event installations, bands, passes and merchandising in preparation for when they made their well anticipated return later in 2021.

Little to my knowledge, Epic had already received and accepted a bid elsewhere so essentially this was done for my own piece of mind.

It’s a bit out there in comparison to what they are used too and I highly doubt, knowing founder and director Jon Winkle that this would of been the direction he would of envisioned Epic going in anyway.

Needless to say, I wanted to share what I had worked on.

What’s important to take away from this project is the wordmark features changeable numbering for each event and that the logo is the (fullstop) that separates/or bridges the words epic and LAN together.

Which was then warped to share the same qualities with a d-pad or joystick movement.